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The lastCAPTCHA service

The lastCAPTCHA provides an ultimate solution to tell computers from humans apart in the AI age.
It tries to replace the traditional approach of solving a garbled image or puzzle with an identity established on a user’s smart phone.
It promotes the use of this new way of doing CAPTCHA that is more convenient and secure, while accommodating legacy users.

We have released lastCAPTCHA plugins for WordPress and Drupal.
Once activated, you can select which of the following forms should be protected by the CAPTCHA mechanism:

  • ·Login
  • ·Register
  • ·Multisite User Signup
  • ·Lost Password
  • ·Reset Password

You can also specify how many failed login attempts before login CAPTCHA will show.


  • The lastCAPTCHA service solves the problem in a unique way, i.e. by servicing identities for online users, rather than by taxing a human on either brain power or eyesight.

  • The lastCAPTCHA service relies on a cloud-based backend, accessed through a RESTful API provisioned at

  • The lastCAPTCHA service incorporates the best practices in CAPTCHA service by providing traditional solutions as an option.

  • The lastCAPTCHA verification is fast and free.